Tahiti Hidden Pearls

Tahiti Hidden Pearls 3.0

Discover the secret of the Tahiti Hidden Pearls! Seek items and solve puzzles
3.0 (See all)

Tahiti hidden pearls will entertain you with different great challenges. This hidden-object game provides different tasks like finding the hidden objects listed, finding the pearls, finding keys, and a mini game of 10 differences to find in an image. Each level of this game offers new adventures and games to play. Mini games like 10 differences, make this game very entertaining and varying. The main goal of this game is to find all the items listed and the hidden pearls - this must be done every time in order to complete a level.

You can play this game in different modes: timed mode, with a certain time limit, and relaxed mode where you won't have a time limit to finish your task. This game's menu allows you to adjust various settings, check credits and exit the game at any time. Playing this game is very easy: all you need to use is your mouse, just move your mouse over your objective and press left mouse button to select it. Indeed, this is a very easy game to play, but it is full of fun and good entertainment.

Birgilio Rivera
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